Purple Sweatshirt Jacket Design

I always enjoy combining different fabrics to create exciting combinations.

This time, I chose purple fabrics to decorate and embellish a lavender sweatshirt jacket.

Because the sweatshirt bunched when I sewed the fabrics to it on the sewing machine, I hand-stitched all the patches.

I used a variety of decorative threads with a basting stitch.

After I completed the surface of the sweatshirt, I sewed patches of the purple fabrics together to create the edges of the jacket opening.


I made loops out of purple fabrics for button closures.

I sewed on mulberry buttons my husband made from a branch from a mulberry tree.

I sewed the loop closures in a “frog” style.

The finished jacket is light and comfortable to wear.

It is one of those things I keep on thinking about with more design ideas.

Maybe someday I will add more to it.

I am enjoying wearing now very much.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage