Farm Arts Nature Camp

I am setting up sessions and schedules for summer camp.

It’s called Farm Arts Nature Camp, F.A.N.Camp.

It will be at Windwalker Camp in Southwest Missouri, in the foothills of the Ozarks, near Neosho, MO, south of Joplin.  Our land is almost 45 acres which is very forested with a two-acre area which has been cleared for tent camping, private composting toilets, and a covered deck, cooking on a propane grill, starry nights, hiking in the woods, keeping a Naturalist Journal, and many more activities.  Take a look at the list of possibilities at   You can also check out the session dates.
I am combining all my favorite things to do, learning about animals, gardening, drawing and painting, and learning about Nature, into weekly activities while I am here in town.

I am starting to write the activity booklets for a weekly Farm Arts Nature Club.

This will help me, and you, too, if you participate, to get ready for summer camp.

You can find out about it at  Click on FAN Camp.


Garden Prep

Yesterday afternoon, I mixed some expanded shale in a new raised bed.  I also started a trellis for an area with pole beans.  I emailed with a very experienced vegetable gardener and she shared the idea of growing large-leafed vine fruits and vegetables to keep the ground cool in the summer.  So now I am thinking about starting pumpkins, melons, and maybe squash.

Master Gardener

Today was my last class for the Denton County Master Gardener program.  I have helped in four gardens for the Garden Tour and learned so much from the seasoned gardeners.  I am looking forward to doing more volunteer work to complete my internship and to sharing all the great stuff with my students.