Blossoms and Bees

This morning, when I went outside, there were wonderful pink blossoms on my Texas Sage attended by many bees.  It is still unbearably hot, but here are systems in Nature that support one another.  It made me feel that all is in order, that the presence of bees and blossoms, complimenting one another in Nature, symbolizes our ability to return to community.  I love the concept of Transition Towns, where all have a voice.  My personal feeling is that we all are precious.  Our culture does not celebrate that fact, but when we search for it, we can find all kinds of ways to celebrate one another.  As I change and expand my direction, I am finding that the Universe is sending out blossoms and bees to encourage me.  I, too, am connecting with the people who can most benefit from my services.  I, too, am receiving in proportion as I give.