Clabbered Milk and Buttermilk

I made yogurt from raw milk, but did not get to eat it all within my preferred time frame.  As I was looking for recipes, there were several which used buttermilk.  So I made a pancake mix using yogurt, which turned out to be delicious and quite substantial.  I added a choice of apricot jam, apple chutney, peach preserves, or, for a bit of savory, salsa, all homemade.

I had been making yogurt cheese, so I added that to a cheese blintz filling, and used some more yogurt for the second cheese for the filling.

I made crepe batter, for the cheese blintzes, using yogurt instead of the buttermilk.

We will eat those tomorrow.

Finally, I started some more yogurt cheese.  That means I got some cheesecloth and doubled it and filled it with the yogurt and suspended it over a tall container by tying the cheese cloth to a wooden spoon handle.  I laid that across the top of the container so the whey could drain out.  Later, I will chop some onion and add spices for a savory cream cheese.

I think I am all caught up now on the yogurt, and so far, I am pleased with the results of using it like clabbered milk or buttermilk.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage